Specialists in Psychometrics

Since 1982, ETC Consult has been helping companies select the right team members and promote them through their organisations.

We use a range of psychometric assessments to highlight the personality and aptitude traits you are looking for that complement your culture and suit the career profile so you can find the most suitable candidates and promote the best leaders for your organisation.

We would love to have a no obligation chat to help you understand how Psychometrics can help your company improve your selection and promotion strategies.

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Select, Promote and Coach the right people for your business

Using our range of Psychometric and Non-Psychometric Assessments we can help you to find and promote the right people
- especially the hidden gems - to help your business succeed now and into the future.

Find the Right Candidates

Get the right people into your company based on their personality and abilities

Pick the right team members for promotion based on their inherent leadership abilities

Avoid the cost and hassle of a bad hire or a bad promotion and how it can affect your business!

Avoid Bad Hire Costs!

Did you know that to replace and retrain a bad hire can cost your organisation up to 50% of their annual salary - on top of the reputation and morale damage to the team...
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