Psychometric Selection

Select the right team for your organisation

Hiring the wrong people can cost you up to 50% of their annual salary to fix – not to mention the morale and time wasted in the process.

We can help you to select the right people for the right positions in your company.

What tests do we use and how do we combine the results?

Personality Tests

We use the Hogan Assessments to accurately measure personality traits, strength, weaknesses, values and motives. The Hogan Assessments have been used by companies of all sizes including 60% of the Fortune 100 and we have a database of over 400 case studies that shows the effectiveness of the Hogan Assessments. We can send you a relevant case study upon your request.

Specific Aptitude Tests

We use a range of Differential Aptitude Tests designed specifically for corporate clients to identify the specific aptitudes in which candidates show different levels of performance. Those aptitudes include – verbal aptitude, numerical aptitude/logical thinking, abstract aptitude/analytical thinking, technical aptitude, design aptitude and dexterity aptitude. This allows you to identify whether a candidates has the specific aptitudes necessary to excel in a role.

General Ability Tests

We use general ability tests such as Pearson TalentLens to identify the level at which an individual learns, understands instructions, and solves problems. General ability tests are regarded as an objective measure of a person’s intelligence, I.Q., learning ability, learning capacity or problem-solving acumen and they are one of the best predictors of job performance.

Combining The Results

The results of these tests are combined and only applicants who meet the necessary personality, ability and aptitude criteria will progress to the next round. The number and nature of the tests is designed based on consultation with you to ensure that this programme is aligned with your business needs and goals.

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